As spring break approaches, authorities in Walton County are preparing for increased activity in Seaside, Florida, and surrounding areas along 30A. 

Key measures include:

  • Increased Patrols: Law enforcement will boost patrols by 110% along 30A and Walton County beaches to maintain order and safety.
  • Zero-Tolerance Enforcement: Strict enforcement policies will target underage drinking and large, disruptive crowds to uphold public safety standards.
  • Focus on Dogwood Beach Access: Special attention will be given to Dogwood Beach access near Seagrove and Seaside to prevent unruly behavior and maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Implementation of New Beach Laws: Trained community service beach officers will ensure compliance with new customary use beach laws, promoting understanding and adherence among beachgoers.
  • Curfew Evaluation: Authorities will assess the need for a curfew as spring break crowds gather, with a commitment to adapting measures as needed for crowd control.
  • Community Engagement: The beach ambassador program will facilitate community engagement efforts, fostering communication and cooperation between authorities and the public for a safe and enjoyable spring break experience.

With safety and compliance as top priorities, officials aim to ensure a safe and enjoyable spring break experience for all.

Visit or call (850) 849-7455 for more information on planning your spring break getaway!