While there are countless beautiful locations along this stretch of coastline – 30A, a curated list of the top 7 favorite spots is essential. These spots offer convenience, variety, and breathtaking backdrops, whether one is planning an engagement session, family photoshoot, or simply aiming to capture the beauty of 30A.


WaterColor charms with its hidden parks, secluded trails, and scenic lakeside views. The trail near the WaterColor Boat House offers a serene setting for engagement sessions, while Cerulean Park boasts lush greenery and a tranquil stream. While the beach is accessible to WaterColor guests, the town itself offers a wealth of photogenic spots worth exploring.

Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach State Park stands out as a popular choice for photoshoots due to its unique access into the dunes via designated paths. This allows for a variety of backdrop options beyond just the beach itself. With its proximity to neighboring towns and its welcoming ambiance, Grayton Beach State Park is a convenient and scenic choice for capturing memorable moments.


Seaside boasts an abundance of charming corners and quaint homes, providing endless opportunities for captivating photos. From hidden alleyways to picturesque streets, this town exudes Southern charm and offers plenty of options for post-session dining or drinks. However, it’s important to note that sessions within Seaside are reserved for official guests only.

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach captivates with its brick-lined streets, European-inspired architecture, and expansive grassy squares. This picturesque town offers a plethora of backdrop possibilities, including vibrant buildings and quaint courtyards. Access to the beach is reserved for guests or wedding parties, ensuring a more exclusive and intimate photoshoot experience.

Point Washington State Forest

For those seeking a woodsy ambiance, Point Washington State Forest offers a magical setting with its towering pine trees and sun-dappled trails. This secluded forest provides a unique backdrop for engagement sessions and offers a refreshing contrast to beachside photoshoots.

Eden Gardens State Park

Eden Gardens State Park boasts a blend of wooded landscapes and blooming gardens, making it an ideal setting for romantic photoshoots. The park’s iconic landmarks, such as the wedding tree and white mansion, provide stunning focal points amidst the natural beauty. Visiting during the fall or spring ensures optimal conditions for capturing enchanting moments.

Inlet Beach

Situated east of Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach offers a serene escape with its panoramic ocean views and tranquil trails through the dunes. With fewer crowds and a stunning hilltop vantage point, this hidden gem provides the perfect backdrop for capturing the essence of 30A’s pristine beauty.

Whether you’re drawn to the sandy shores, lush forests, or charming towns, these 7 locations offer a diverse array of settings for creating unforgettable memories on 30A. So grab your camera and explore the beauty that awaits along Florida’s scenic coastline!

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