Dear 30A Beach Girls Family,

First and foremost, I hope you are safe and healthy.

I am sure with the continued support of all our local businesses, residents, homeowners and public officials we can get through this difficult situation quickly.

Last week, Florida Governor DeSantis announced a 14 day suspension of all short term rentals and urged existing vacationers to leave early. 

While we await further announcements from local officials I want to update you on the actions we have already taken and plan to take in the coming weeks at 30A Beach Girls to deal with the situation we are in.

Our primary mission remains to represent our homeowners and provide the greatest vacation experiences for our guests. A big part of being able to achieve this on a consistent and on-going basis is the wonderful team of booking agents, cleaners and maintenance crews we work with, many of who have been with me since the early days. 

Keeping the core of this team together is one of my objectives. Our cleaners and repair teams do a fantastic job day in and day out during the season and, while we have had fewer requests for rentals than normal at this time of year, I am doing everything I can to provide shifts and work for these unsung heroes.

Our commitment to presenting our homeowners’ properties as clean, safe places is of extra importance now. That is why our cleaning teams have put in place additional procedures to ensure all properties are deep cleaned, sterile and disinfected before every changeover. We have included the recommendations of the CDC and others in our cleaning programs and for those homes which are rented, we are providing a mid-week deep clean to ensure we stay on top of the situation.

Many of the restaurants in our area are currently only providing ‘to go’ service, and the supermarkets have limited supplies of certain products, such as toilet paper. To make sure our guests are focused on having fun and enjoying our  wonderful properties, we are providing food delivery and shopping services to make their stay easier. And for those who want to ‘dine in’ in-style, we are sending our 30A Photo Bus to them to capture the moment!

For those guests who booked directly with us, we are offering a refund policy but because many of our guests are return visitors who we love to entertain, we are also offering a 110% credit for rebooking and including a free beach bonfire night for them and their guests to say ‘Thank You’.

We know many of our guests appreciate the little extras we are famous for providing and we want to continue that tradition in this difficult time.

As well as looking after our guests who are booked with us now, we are also thinking forward about how to best market your property for the Summer and beyond.

We have recently upgraded our website and provided extra functionality. We will be updating our content in the coming weeks and also looking at our photography and videos to make sure our properties are marketed and promoted successfully. We are talking to our guests about their experiences, the things they enjoy most about the area, the neighborhood and the individual properties. We want to share these testimonials and reviews so future guests can enjoy our properties too. We are enhancing our social media promotions and platforms to make it easier for our guests to share their vacation stories, pictures and favorite moments.

This is a difficult time for many in the hospitality business; from homeowners to cleaners, rental companies, waiters and bar staff. So I am incredibly proud of the 30A Beach Girls family for pulling together, helping each other out and making our guests experiences the best they can be, 

Thank you for your continued support and confidence in 30A Beach Girls and the team, if you have any questions please contact me anytime


Hollie and 30A Beach Girls Team