Sure, you have food, drinks, and great friends, but for a more unforgettable chill time on the beach, why not do one of the following?

Stargazing: It’s hard to see stars within the city; getting to the beach will bring you all the beauty of a star-lit sky. Invert your head, download a stargazing app to help you see constellations and planets, and chill with your friends sipping cocktails at the same time. Some of our top tips include bringing food to cook over the fire, like marshmallows and hotdogs.

Campfire Songs: It’s always more fun to sing with the sound of the ocean. While gathered around the fire, grab a guitar-playing friend if you can and sing your favorite songs. It’s another world singing a song while sitting and looking up at the stars, with the waves roaring in the background. 

Scary Stories: Prepare for some thrill by telling scary stories, gather your friends, and have a good time. Whether terrifying or not that much, it’ll add an extra layer of chill and thrill to your time at the beach. 

Essential Tips for Your Beach Bonfire Adventure:

  • Don’t pack too much: Top off your Beach bonfire by keeping things light. Bring only the bare essentials, like a chair, a blanket, and the cooler, for the lighter you pack, the easier you set up and clean up. 
  • Bring a flashlight: As night falls, it’s good to have a flashlight with you to help you navigate your rental and the beach, especially if you’re alone. 
  • Clean up after yourself: Bring your trash bags and clean after yourself before you leave the beach. 

Close your eyes, focus on the fire, and the sound coming from it, while the waves from the ocean kiss your year. Enjoy the sound of the ocean while you sit and chill with loved ones’ round a bonfire.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the best the beach bonfire has to offer. Love every second, savor every moment, for you’ll remember these moments for the rest of your life. 

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