The top Florida vacation spots for snowbirds have been well known – and popularly patronized – for generations. But another sun-and-surf paradise that wasn’t on most folks’ radar just a few years ago is suddenly finding favor with visitors from all over the South and Midwest. Some call it a hidden gem, others term it a sleeper find, and some refer to it as the South’s best-kept-secret beach playground.

Those who know best simply call it 30A

A 26-mile stretch of beaches made up of 16 Gulf-side towns along Florida’s Emerald Coast, 30A extends between the better-known cities of Destin and Panama City, and includes such quiet beach villages as Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Aly’s, and Santa Rosa Beach. 

First, it’s all about accessibility. We have easy access with direct flights from Nashville and Atlanta, and we boast excellent airports in both Destin and Panama City. Second, it’s the unparalleled quality of our offerings. To find the same pristine beach quality we have here on the Emerald Coast — featuring white sand beaches and emerald-green waters – along with outstanding architecture, exceptional restaurants, and great shopping, people would need to fly to the Bahamas or deal with international travel.

Easily drivable

Add to this the fact that top 30A feeder markets like Nashville and Atlanta are easily within a five- or six-hour driving distance, and it’s little wonder 30A is a favorite for family road trips

With its proximity to major cities like Atlanta and Birmingham, families can easily embark on a scenic drive without the hassle of long hours behind the wheel. The allure of 30A lies not only in its pristine beaches but also in its family-friendly atmosphere, boasting an array of charming seaside towns, diverse dining options, and outdoor activities suitable for all ages. Whether it’s building sandcastles on the sugar-white shores, exploring nature trails, or indulging in fresh seafood delights, 30A promises a memorable and accessible getaway for families craving the sun, sand, and sea.

Some of the great beaches on 30A include:

In 30A, you won’t find mammoth hotels and teeming beaches. The small beach towns instead are havens of quiet convenience and time-honored charm.

It should come as no shock; many folks who travel to 30A for a vacation waste little time seeking to purchase family rental properties in the area. No matter what type of property you seek you can find it along 30A in Florida. Contact us at or call us at (850) 849-7455 to find the perfect luxury vacation for your family. We also do almost any concierge services you can think of for our guests. Just ask us.

 Concierge experiences to consider:

  • Private chef
  • Beach bonfires
  • Massage
  • Facials
  • Hair and Nails
  • Balloon Bliss – Balloon Arrangements
  • Pre-Arrival groceries
  • Fishing Tours
  • Private Airport Pickup
  • Yachts and Pontoon Boats
  • Personal Yoga
  • Bachelorette Celebrations