2020 is a year many are trying to forget.

Much of the conversation has been about “getting back to normal” and “the old routine”.

But what if this was actually a break in the continuum, the start of something new, a chance to do something different?

For many visitors who vacation on 30A, their routine has already been severely disrupted. Working
from home, kids learning online and the gyms, restaurants, cultural and sporting events which
punctuate each week have had to be put on standby or cancelled.

And now that some Georgia, Missouri, Louisiana and Texas schools are saying the children won’t be
coming back until later this year, or in some cases not until 2021, some visitors are saying “Why are
we going back home at all?”

According to Hollie Jones, owner of local Property Management Company 30A Beach Girls, more and
more visitors are enquiring about staying longer.

“Normally the rental season starts winding down after Labour Day” said Hollie.
“High season gives way to short breaks, weekends away and, after Thanksgiving, the arrival of the
Snowbirds looking for warmer weather. But this year, we have had many, many visitors asking about
extending their stay into September, or enquiring about renting for the month of October, or even
booking through to the Christmas holidays.
“It seems with the kids set to resume their studies online or in virtual school, parents working from
home via Zoom calls and Microsoft teams, now may be the time to see if beach life – 30A style – is for
you?” wondered Hollie.

Before upping sticks and moving anywhere new it is always a good idea to give it a thorough test run
first. While everyone loves their week in the sun, most people want to know what really living here,
long-term, feels like.

And, according to 30A Realtor Martin Liptrot, “booking three months trial living at the beach while
the world is turned upside down” may be a smart decision to see if this is a move you would like to
make permanent.

“Despite the fluctuations in the stock market, job insecurity and travel restrictions in place, the real
estate market along 30A has seen something of a mini-boom.” said Martin.
“Many regular visitors to the 30A are thinking how much they want to have their own vacation
home here, investors are looking for properties which they can generate an income from, and with
working from home being a real alternative, many potential buyers from Atlanta, Dallas, Birmingham
and Nashville are getting in touch to look for a permanent home at the beach.

“We have good schools with new campuses, two airports with frequent flights to major hubs and
plenty of entrepreneurs and professional service providers to help make the transition relatively
painless – why not look for an extended rental to see if 30A Life is for you?”

If you are interested in rental opportunities contact Holiie Jones on 850 849 7455 now.