Navigating 30A Beach Rules with Fun and Responsibility

Embarking on a beach vacation is a thrilling experience, but ensuring everyone’s enjoyment requires adherence to beach rules. The 30A beaches in South Walton have implemented guidelines to guarantee the safety, enjoyment, and lasting memories of all visitors. Before you hit the sands and Immerse yourself in the 30a lifestyle, familiarize yourself with these essential rules:

  1. Alcohol Guidelines:
    • Alcohol is allowed for legal drinkers.
    • Open containers are permitted, excluding glass containers for safety and beach preservation.
  2. Pet Policies:
    • Dogs are not allowed on the beaches for vacation renters; locals may apply for a dog permit.
  3. Vehicle Regulations:
    • Vehicles are restricted on the beach for vacation renters; only locals may apply for a vehicle permit.
  4. Tent and Canopy Specifications:
    • Tents and beach canopies are permitted, limited to 10’ x 10’ in size on public beaches.
    • Place them on the upper 1/3 of the beach, 15’ away from the water, allowing space for emergency vehicles.
  5. Dune Protection:
    • Stay off sand dunes to preserve their natural storm barrier function, it is the law.
  6. Bonfires by Permit:
    • Bonfires are allowed with the proper permit from the South Walton Fire District.
    • Extinguish and clean up any bonfire by 1 am.
    • Contact 30a Beach Boyz to book your fire! 850-849-2888
  7. Camping Restrictions:
    • Overnight camping is prohibited on 30A beaches.
  8. Fireworks Policy:
    • Fireworks are not permitted.
  9. Grill Guidelines:
    • Propane grills under 225 square inches are allowed; charcoal grills are not permitted.
  10. Sea Turtle Protection:
    • Protect sea turtles; do not harm or disturb nests.
  11. Weddings and Events:
    • Permitted with proper authorization.
    • Contact 30a Beach Girls to assist with celebrations.
    • Contact 30a Balloon Bliss for staging and decorations! 850-280-4952
  12. Leave No Trace:
    • Pack out all belongings, leaving the beach cleaner than found.
    • Fill in holes, remove vegetation, sand, or water.

Remember the Beach Flag System for Safety:

  • Double Red Flag: Dangerous conditions; water is closed.
  • Red Flag: High hazard; high surf and/or strong currents.
  • Yellow Flag: Moderate surf and/or currents.
  • Green Flag: Calm conditions.
  • Purple Flag: Dangerous marine life.
  • White/Blue Flag: Temporary technical issues.

For any questions regarding beach rules and regulations, contact us: (850) 849-7455. The 30A Beach Girls team are local experts dedicated to ensuring your 30A vacation is exceptional in every way! Book your vacation today and Immerse yourself in the 30a Lifestyle!