As the sun dips low, flinging the beach in a golden hue, there isn’t any time more wonderful than the Golden Hour. Here’s how to use this seasonal lighting to seize the beauty producing captivating sunset portraits for your photographer: 

  • Decide whether you want to align for the landscape or the portrait: Choose spot metering mode and adjust exposure regulation as needed. Maintain more fabulous exposures of skin prominent in portrait photography. 
  • Backlighting: Capture warm illumination and a shadow on the subject. When lessening the harsh backlight, assure that your subject’s skin exposure is excellent during picture-taking against the sun. Use rim light to add points exposure between your subject and the background. 
  • Planning the location: Scout locations with changing light before time and get there initial scouted setting away. Display your subject’s sunset lighting, check through the red sunset time, and communicate with your subjects to take advantage of the beautiful sunset. Since light changes with the Season, revisit the position until you like what you find. 

Whether you’re creating memories for a family reunion or writing one’s wedding love story, the Golden Hour appears at sunset and provides the perfect backdrop for Magical portrait stories. 

Follow these tips from 30A Beach Girls and let’s make magic memories.

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