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Santa Rosa Beach Villas

Looking for a great place full of sun, sand, water, and fun for your next escape? The beach towns of 30A are waiting to give you the experience of a lifetime. Historic Route 30A and its many towns may be a day trip from another Florida Panhandle locale, or you can make it the center of your vacation adventures when you book a vacation rental in a beautiful Santa Rosa Beach Villa. You’ll be close to all the beach action and with the help of the staff at 30A Beach Girls, you’ll have the perfect base to start all your excursions and adventures. 

Activities for Everyone 

If you’re a thrill-seeker, consider an airboat tour or parasailing, jet skiing, or go take to the skies in the Coastal Biplane for a bird’s eye view of the area. Guests looking to take it easy can plan a day at the beach full of swimming, sand castle-building, and lazing under the sun, or plan a rejuvenating day at a local spa. Make sure to explore all of 30A with a drive down the scenic route and pull off every so often to relax on the beach or hike one of the many state parks along the way. 

Overflowing with Luxury 

Imagine the relaxation of a beach vacation. You have nothing better to do than laze the day away by the water and decide where you’ll have lunch or dinner. Make the many activities and attractions of 30A a part of your visit and you’ll effortlessly create an unforgettable retreat. Open the door to one of our Santa Rosa Beach vacation rental villas and imagine the start of those adventures just being moments away. 

No matter which one of our Santa Rosa Beach villas you choose, you can make your vacation dreams come true, while doing it all surrounded by luxury and style. Enter one of our homes and feel calm wash over you. Open great rooms combine living, kitchen, and dining into one space where everyone can gather together for meals, movie nights, games, or just spending time together. Luxury at every turn includes high-end furnishings with a modern, dignified feel to fun and breezy beach-themed décor that brings the calm of the nearby beach indoors with blues, greens, and more, 24 hours a day. Tall windows let in Gulf views and plenty of natural Florida sunlight. 

You can cook as many of your meals as you like in your villa. The fully equipped kitchens of our villas hold everything you need. Enjoy morning coffee, or an elaborate meal cooked on top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances. You won’t lack for prep or storage space with expansive counters and all the cupboards and drawers. 

Luxury Outdoor Living 

Even when you stay at your villa for the day, you may be able to take a dip in a private pool or spa. Get some sun when you sit out on a private patio, deck, or balcony, or satisfy your hunger with a lunch or dinner cooked and served al fresco from an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area. Lounge and enjoy the meal at outdoor living or dining furnishings. There may even be activities and games to keep the fun rolling for the perfect day at your villa. 

More Than a Place to Sleep 

We know you came to 30A to experience everything – or at least as much as possible – the area has to offer. We want to help you make those memories by guiding you to the best parks, activities, and adventures around, but also want to remind you of the fun you can have right at your villa. 

You know your options for outdoor living at your villa, but what is there to do inside besides chores like laundry in the in-unit laundry area? You don’t have to feel cooped up with nothing to do. Browse the many books and magazines on hand at select rentals, busy yourself with board or video games, toys, a favorite TV show or movie, and more. Staying in only means doing nothing if that’s what you want to do. 

You have hundreds of pictures of your adventures on your phone. Share them all with friends and family with the use of free Wi-Fi in every villa rental provided by 30A Beach Girls. You won’t have to wait to hand over your phone and watch as friends scroll through quickly to see everything, you can share photos the same day. 

When You Need to Relax 

Our villas are more than a place to sleep, but you’ll get a rejuvenating sleep that prepares you for more 30A adventures. Multiple private bedrooms allow you to relax and unwind on your own terms. Sink into plush mattresses and pillows and go through your routine at your own pace in attached bathrooms. Each room rivals the last, and arguments about who sleeps where practically disappear. Let the kids lay claim to the bunk room or other kid-friendly spaces so they can relax and unwind however they need. 

Come Stay with Us! 

We look forward to your 30A and Santa Rosa Beach visit as much as you. We’re here to help you with whatever you need to make your stay the best it can be, and hope you’ll come back and stay again.  

Contact us to start planning your Santa Rosa Beach dream vacation!