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At 30a Beach Girls, we’re excited to unveil a special selection of homes that go beyond the ordinary – they’re boat-friendly, promising a unique experience for water enthusiasts.

Imagine waking up knowing that your boat is just steps away. Our boat-friendly homes provide not just a place to stay but a haven for those who have a passion for boating. With space to park your vessel and convenient access to the water, these homes are designed for maritime adventurers: 

Boat Activities to Explore 

  1. Coastal Cruises: Set sail along the emerald waters of the Gulf for a coastal cruise that will leave you breathless. From sunrise to sunset, the views from your boat will be nothing short of spectacular.
  2. Fishing Excursions: The Emerald Coast is renowned for its exceptional fishing opportunities. Cast your line into the Gulf or explore the coastal dune lakes for a chance to make everlasting memories. 
  3. Crab Island: Located just off the coast, Crab Island is a must-visit destination for boaters. This submerged sandbar turns into a vibrant social hub, with boats anchoring together for a floating party experience.

Why Choose a Boat-Friendly Home?

By opting for a boat-friendly home, you’re not just choosing accommodation; you’re embracing a lifestyle that celebrates the sea. Whether you’re an avid angler, a leisurely cruiser, or someone who simply enjoys the tranquility of the water, 30a Beach Girls has a home ready for every boating enthusiast.

At 30a Beach Girls, we take pride in curating an experience that goes beyond expectations. Our boat-friendly homes are here for possibilities that await those who are drawn to the call of the sea. Join us for the memories you make will be as boundless as the horizon.