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Happy Hour


Did someone say, “Happy Hour”? I’ll Cheers to that… Have you ever wondered where the tradition of raising your glass and saying “CHEERS”, “PROST” or “SALUD” comes from? Well curious minds at 30A Beach Girls wanted to know and now you will too. According to some historians, this tradition goes back to medieval times when apparently poisoning your enemy was commonplace. One way to be sure that the person you...

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Picky Eaters


Picky Eaters & Vacation Are you planning a trip to 30A but are worried the picky eaters in your family and group will starve or worse, become hangry while you’re here? Don’t worry, 30A Beach Girls can help with that. As you may know or have discovered, there are no chain restaurants anywhere on 30A, except for a few Starbucks. A feature that I personally love and that makes this...

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